tbf: m.u.s.i.c. centers

Images shown are courtesy of shutterstock.com and are not representative of actual existing facilities.


M.U.S.I.C. Centers


M ulti-Cultural

U rban based

S cience

I   nstitution (and)

C ultural center


Comprised of:


- 24/7, free, open to public, 

- administrative office, supply hub, headquarters, storage facility

- science lab, audio recording facility, visual recording facility, wifi lounge

- classrooms, private music studios, 

- sports facility: yoga studio, basketball & football / soccer fields, tennis & raquetball

- solar and renewable energy powered

- performance venue / movie theater, art studio, 

- 20' / 30' tablet like workstations

- daycare & senior facility

- gym

- park & nature center


If our audiences are the life blood of our organization then, the BulLion M.U.S.I.C. Centers will be the heart & lungs of our initiative.  Inhaling the donated resources we receive (from private donors and sponsors) for storage & exhaling them into the hands of those in need in every community where our centers are located.  


The purpose of the MUSIC Centers are to be the hub and headquarters for our organization & staff in every community we serve.   In addition to serving the community with resources MUSIC Centers can also provide jobs to those in the community interested in participating with our initiative.  We will attempt to provide state of the art facilities with professional quality equipment & resources for those who attend to use for the purposes continuing education & career readiness.